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“We really enjoyed our day with David visiting Stonehenge, Avebury & Glastonbury. He was an exceptional guide – very knowledgeable and very accommodating – and put together a tour which exactly fitted our interests. We loved it.” Freida Lowery, Brewton, Alabama, USA

“We had a truly wonderful tour of the New Forest with David. He was enormously knowledgeable, interesting, and he really looked after us.” Bob Knight, Lower Mitcham, South Australia

“We really enjoyed your tour of Windsor Castle. Your commentary was very interesting and enjoyable as is your vast wealth of English historic knowledge. Thank you.” Steve and Judy Examus, San Dimas, California, USA

“We want to thank you for a wonderful tour of Windsor Castle last week. It was outstanding. Our experience has been that guided tours can either be a boring rendition of endless (and often irrelevant) facts or a forced march, during which you see a great many things, but have no time to appreciate any of them. Fortunately, your tour was neither of those. You were obviously very knowledgeable regarding the castle, due to your previous career. But, you delivered that information in a very natural and conversational manner. We came away with a great deal of knowledge and a greater appreciation of the castle’s historical significance. It was very enjoyable. We had just completed a 14 day cruise to eight countries which involved many excursions. Your Windsor Castle was the highlight of our trip.” Jack and Fran Shea, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

“Our tours of Stonehenge and Salisbury were a great success: very informative and great fun. I hope we can come again for more next year.” Bertil Froensdal, Bergen, Norway.

“Thank you, David, for a wonderful tour of Windsor Castle. You were a great tour guide and a true gentleman, looking after our every need. It was a pleasure meeting you.” Coreen & Vinny Speranza, Barnegat, New Jersey, USA

“We found David to be very knowledgeable and ready and willing to go out of his way to be helpful.” Doug Sanderson, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Our group thoroughly enjoyed their tour with you. Everyone appreciated your professionalism and your sharing of your immense knowledge of English history and culture. From my perspective, our trip could not have gone smoother, in no small measure because of your expertise. Professor Douglas S. Jones, University of Florida, USA

“Thank you for your part in creating a memorable trip to England’s Jurassic coast. Professor Bruce MacFadden, University of Florida, USA.

“Thank you for your wisdom about your country as well as your clients! We appreciated your willingness to depart from the usual and make out touring unique. Nancy and Jim Svoboda, Seattle, Washington State, USA.

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  • Peartree Serviced Apartments in Salisbury, Wiltshire, where self catering facilities meet hotel services, a B&B alternative that is sure to exceed your expectations.
  • The Garden Gallery A sculpture garden near Salisbury with exciting exhibitions.
  • Waternish Farm on the wonderful Isle of Skye, in Scotand where delicious afternoon tea and a beautiful walk await you.